Why Compromise?

A 3D printed interbody material featuring a nano-rough surface showing deeper implant osseointegration with antibacterial characteristics uniquely combined in one radiolucent bone-like material.
  • TETRAfuse® 3D Technology is designed to participate in fusion1,2,†

    Studies have shown nano-roughened surfaces enhance protein absorption and bioactivity, improving osteoblast adhesion and tissue growth. 3-6 Additionally, an average pore size greater than 300μm is recommended to enhance new bone formation. 7

    • 3D printed nano-rough surface
    • Ra=26.7μm
    • Macro/Micro structures designed to allow more cells to attach to more of the implant

    In an ovine model, histological review of TETRAfuse 3D Technology samples showed deeper implant osseointegration and more notable trabecular bone ingrowth (Table 1) compared to PEEK and titanium (Ti) coated PEEK. 2

    TABLE 1: Results from TETRAfuse Ovine Study

    † Performance data from animal studies may not be representative of performance in humans.
    1. Data on file at RTI Surgical, Inc. Animal and in vitro data may not be representative of clinical experience.
    2. Data on file at RTI Surgical, Inc.
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