MaxFuse® PEEK VBR System

The MaxFuse® PEEK VBR system is used to replace a diseased vertebral body, resected or excised for the treatment of tumors, to achieve anterior decompression of the spinal cord and neural tissues in the thoracolumbar spine. The device also aids in restoring the height of a collapsed vertebral body. The system is made from PEEK-OPTIMA® from Invibio® Biomaterial Solutions, a unique material selected for its strength.

Regulatory approvals vary by country. Therefore, we kindly ask you to contact the distributor in your region regarding availability of specific products, implants and / or instrumentation in your region.
    • Lordotic implant
    • Multiple footprints
    • Available in heights from 12 to 65mm
    • Large graft space
    • Highly visible tantalum x-ray markers
    • Made with PEEK-OPTIMA® from lnvibio® Biomaterial Solutions