FibreX™ Demineralized Bone Fibers

FibreX Demineralized Bone Fibers are comprised of 100% demineralized bone fibers, with no excipients or dilution, to maximize the osteoconductive and osteoinductive tissue content. The entangled and elongated fibers provide a continuous scaffold for the cells to travel and form bone. Upon hydration, the graft expands to maximize the fill which provides strong contact with the host bone to support fusion.

    • 100% DBM fibers—the entire bone graft participates in the bone formation process
    • Osteoinductive potential—every lot of FibreX is tested in vivo for the ability to induce new bone growth¹
    • Moldable & cohesive—elongated and entangled fibers provide exceptional handling without any excipients
    • Rapid hydration—hydrates within seconds with agents such as bone marrow aspirate, blood, and saline
    • Expands to maximize graft fill—once implanted, the graft expands in situ to maximize contact with the host bone

    1. Data on file at Origin Biologics LLC