CervAlign® Anterior Cervical Plate System

The CervAlign® System is a comprehensive anterior cervical plate system designed to meet the varying clinical needs of surgeons performing anterior cervical discectomy and fusion (ACDF) procedures. The system is able to accommodate semi-constrained, constrained and hybrid constructs. It offers one through five level plates, large graft visualization windows and a “zero-profile” locking mechanism. The integrated locking mechanism features a cover style technology. The streamlined instrumentation provides multiple T-10 Hexalobe drivers, tapered or stab-and-grab, capable of placing screws, temporary fixation pins, locking functions and revision procedures.

Regulatory approvals vary by country. Therefore, we kindly ask you to contact the distributor in your region regarding availability of specific products, implants and / or instrumentation in your region.
  • Plate

    • Large graft windows
    • One to five level plates
    • Accommodates semi-constrained, constrained and hybrid constructs
    • Plate profile = 2.2mm
    • Ti 6Al-4V

    Locking Mechanism

    • An integrated, cover-style locking mechanism
    • Zero-profile
    • Ti 6Al-4V


    • Self-drilling and self-tapping designs available in fixed and variable options
    • Optimal thread form for enhanced bone purchase and tactile feedback from insertion to final seating
    • Aggressive tip designs for rapid bone purchase
    • Ti 6Al-4V


    • Stab-and-Grab (T-10 Hexalobe)
    • Tapered (T-10 Hexalobe)


    • This system is supplied nonsterile. For sterilization instructions, please reference the package insert.