BiomaX® Bone Graft Putty

BiomaX Bone Graft Putty is demineralized allograft cortical bone combined with a reverse phase medium (RPM) carrier to offer a convenient bone graft with exceptional handling characteristics. The graft provides osteoconductive and osteoinductive potential to promote new bone growth, and it is available in various sizes for use as a versatile bone graft in surgical applications. BiomaX Bone Graft Putty Plus Chips contains added ground cancellous bone for a more coarse texture and additional osteoconductive properties. The cancellous chips are 1-4mm in size.

    • Exceptional handling—RPM carrier allows the bone graft to easily mold and fit into a variety of bony voids
    • Osteoinductive potential—every batch of BiomaX Bone Graft Putty and BiomaX Bone Graft Putty Plus Chips is tested in vivo for the ability to induce new bone growth¹
    • Ready-to-use—the product is stored at room temperature and does not require any warming, decanting, or mixing
    • Reduced migration—bone graft is irrigation resistant and thickens in situ to help the graft stay in place
    • Sterile—once implanted, the graft expands in situ to maximize contact with the host bone

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