BioAdapt® Bridge

BioAdapt® Bridge is a DBM-based implant that provides a contoured fit to the bony defect. BioAdapt Bridge provides an open matrix which allows for bony ingrowth, as well as exposure of a full range of proteins known to induce the signal for bone formation.1*

1 Landesman, R.; Reddi, A.H., Chemotaxis of muscle derived mesenchymal cells to bone-inductive proteins of rat. Calcified Tissue International, 39: 259-262, (1986).

Regulatory approvals vary by country. Therefore, we kindly ask you to contact the distributor in your region regarding availability of specific products, implants and / or instrumentation in your region.
    • Cohesive and moldable
    • 100% allograft
    • Provides a contoured fit to the bony defect
    • Can be hydrated with sterile water, saline, autologous blood or BMA
    • Large cavity to easily fill with autograft or allograft
    • Water insoluble
    • Offered in two sizes
    • Osteoinductive* potential

    *DBM or representative finished implant is either assayed in vivo in the modified athymic nude rat for bone formation or in vitro for endogenous BMP-2 as a surrogate test marker for osteoinductive potential. Because the combination of various proteins is responsible for osteoinductive potential, DBM when assayed in vitro, is also screened for the presence of BMP-7. Findings from an in vitro assay or animal model are not necessarily predictive of human clinical results.