HOLO Portal™ Surgical Guidance Augments the Surgical Workflow

HOLO Portal surgical guidance incorporates HOLO AI technology with a unique augmented reality (AR) interface to enhance intraoperative image-based navigation with AI driven insights.

The system features intraoperative surgical planning that uses AI to automate manual and time-consuming tasks, such as anatomic labelling, implant sizing, and trajectory planning. The surgical plan is then presented to the surgeon through the augmented reality display.

HOLO Portal is designed for improved surgical planning, enhanced anatomy visualization, and more efficient workflow to reduce time spent in the O.R.

Autonomous Anatomy Segmentation

Patented HOLO Portal software includes several convolutional neural networks to segment and group patient anatomy based on intraoperative 3D imaging. This results in a patient-specific 3D model that is automatically labeled with anatomic structures for use during surgery: Pedicle, vertebral body, spinal canal, articular processes, transverse process, lamina, spinous process, ribs, pelvis.

Automatic Intraoperative Surgical Plan 

HOLO Portal software immediately suggests screw ​trajectories and measures pedicle sizes from the patient-specific 3D model. The system then suggests the appropriate screw size based on a surgeon-defined pedicle fill ratio. The resulting surgical plan is designed to maximize construct stability and eliminate time spent ​manually planning trajectories and measuring screw sizes.

Augmented Reality Guidance

HOLO Portal software displays the surgical plan intraoperatively through the interactive AR display and provides a 3D guidance overlay on the patient’s anatomy. 3D trajectory and targeting are superimposed on surgical instruments in real time within the surgical field. This innovative design may reduce the surgeon’s cognitive load by providing intuitive guidance that allows the surgeon to keep focus on the surgical field – no bulky headset required.

Be a Part of the AI Revolution in Healthcare

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