About Us

Creating the Future of Digital Health

We are Surgalign, a global medical technology company committed to the promise of digital health. We are investing to be a leader in developing and harnessing the incredible possibilities of digital surgery to redefine the very idea of “personalized medicine.”

We began operating as Surgalign in July 2020, but with a legacy of clinically validated surgical device and biologic innovation stretching back 30 years. We are dedicated to advancing care and elevating outcomes. Surgalign markets products in the United States and in approximately 50 countries globally.

Our Journey

From Pioneer Surgical to RTI Surgical to Surgalign to the addition of our powerful HOLO™ AI technology, here are some of the significant milestones in a journey that has brought us to the foothills of possibility.

July 2013

RTI Biologics Inc. completes the acquisition of Pioneer® Surgical Technology to become RTI Surgical, Inc.